We have a publish date!

Pre-order yours today!


I’m so excited! Orgasmic: Erotica for Women, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press, is set to be published August 1st!  My story, “Switch,” written under the name Jade Melisande, is included in it. I know it’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but last year I made a goal to submit at least three stories for publication. I ended up submitting four, and two of them, of which “Switch” is one, were accepted.  I love the writing I do here, over on Pieces of Jade, for Bondage Demons and at Eden Cafe, but there’s just nothing like seeing my name in print and being able to hold a book in my hand with my name in it.  Makes me all giddy!


2 Responses to We have a publish date!

  1. Kara says:

    That’s so great. I can’t wait to buy this when it comes out. I’m going to read your story first of course :)
    Kara XOXOXO

  2. Emerald says:


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