I feel…

…a little naked…





I just cleaned up my RSS feed. I realized the other day that I was only getting through maybe half the list, maybe once every two weeks, and I always started at the top so I never got to others lower down that I actually want to follow!

And then I’d feel irritated with myself and sad that I wasn’t keeping up with people that I truly like to follow…

So. It’s done. Cut by half!  And I feel good.

I have found that I read blogs differently since I use Twitter as well. I know some people don’t like to do the thing where it posts to their Twitter when they’ve made a new post, but I love it when they do. 99% of the time that is where I find out about a new blog post that someone I follow on Twitter, but don’t always get to in my RSS feed, has posted. Love love love it. Self-promote away, I say. Please.

I also feel good about a sad decision I had to make. Sad because I didn’t want to have to choose, happy because I am looking forward to doing what I did choose to do: take my daughter on a her-and-me vacation for her graduation and not try to go to a kink convention this summer. There really wasn’t a choice to be made–when I realized I couldn’t afford to do both, it was easy to cancel the kink thing. But I do wish (and I had kind of held out hope) that I could do both. But since I realized and accepted that I can’t, it lifted a huge weight off my shoulders to finally just admit it and stop trying to force my way to doing both. There’s always kink at home, and always other events. These trips with my daughter–of which I didn’t do one last year–are precious beyond words to me. And I am well aware that there may not be another one. That she still wants to spend 7 days alone with her ole mom makes me want to cry with joy and gratitude.

Okay, I am off to class. Maybe more on my spectacular weekend with the guys later.

Or maybe not. I’m free and unpressured, remember?


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