To-do and TeuxDeux

I have had a surprisingly productive day. No thanks to my computer, which suddenly decided to start acting wonky out of the blue this morning. Finally narrowed the issue down to being in Firefox…so now I am having to do everything in IE, which doesn’t make me happy, especially as I have no idea what the issue could be with Firefox all of a sudden. Uninstall/reinstall? Not sure.

Edit:  It just did it again, without Mozilla running. But it ran all afternoon beforfe doing it. It’s like it goes to “quick shutdown,” where it shuts down fast but saves my desktop so that I can boot right back up to it when I turn it back on. Grrr. (sad girl)  Oh yeah, I need a local kink-friendly computer expert.

Regarding “to-do” lists, though, I am loving! So easy to use, clean & neat to look at, and right at my fingertips (literally.) It may be latest favorite web thingie.  It’s how I know I got lots and lots accomplished:

  • Signed up for YMCA classes
  • Made (much procrastinated) doctor appt (the first time a doctorly-type person will get a look at my rings–eek!)
  • Conducted a successful 90 minute training session/conference call
  • Revise a work document I have been trying to get to for forever
  • Started vacation search for the Missy and I
  • Registered for both my summer classes
  • Took care of a couple financial issues
  • Printed off return slip for boots
  • Called county library re: research info
  •  Made a to-do list for Saturday

In other things NOT on my to-do list, but on my “things that make me happy” list, I am going hiking after work.  My first local hike of the spring!  I didn’t go at all last year, so this year I am going to make sure I get out at least once every couple weeks.  It’s good for the head and heart.  Tonight I’m going with W. I get to show him one of my favorite places here. He’s travelled so much and seen so many truly spectacular places that sometimes I feel like he’ll say, “seriously?” when I say how pretty a place here is. But hiking really is the reason I came to love Missouri…or at least “like” it. I used to hate it with a passion, until I got out and enjoyed some of the semi-wild places here. Ad has to work late, so he can’t come, but we are meeting him for pizza at one of my favorite pizza places afterward–yumm!

And last but not least, I just finished an amazing book-on-tape: The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  If you haven’t read it, I’d highly recommend listening to it on audio. It’s a wonderful story in and of itself, but the readers add even more to it.  I laughed and cried and swore right along with every one of the women in the story and was truly saddened when it was over.  Now I’ve got to find me a new something to listen to…


One Response to To-do and TeuxDeux

  1. CR8IVCPL says:

    Just wanted to say TeuxDeux is great. I use ToodleDo on my iPod, but I can already see some great uses for TeuxDeux’s simpler interface!

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