Monday Morning Miscellaney

Driving in to work I continued listening to Nick Hornby’s Juliet, Naked. I am wishing I had a paper copy of the book. I may have to buy one, just so I can hold it in my hands as I read it. Some books just need to be consumed with our eyes as well as ears, and this is one of them. I want to be able to mark it up so that I can pull quotes from it. Hornby has such a wry, sly sense of the tiny mundanities that make up relationships, of what makes us tick, of the absurdities and painful beauty in the frail connections between people.

I love writing, and sometimes, the perfect turn of phrase comes to me, or a paragraph or a whole story, whole, as though I am channeling some inner, better voice, and I sit back after I write it and go, “Oh, yeah, that’s good.”  But this guy can write like that all the time.  Amazing.

I think I have a crush.

So I am ever-so-glad that someone that actually needs the money won the outrageously huge Powerball lottery this past week.  But am I the only one who thinks that if a person is on their last $30 and their electric is going to be shut off, buying cigarettes and Powerball tickets is a poor choice? I mean, seriously?

I loved this line, too: “Mr Shaw said he would need a few days to mull over whether to quit his minimum-wage job.”  Yeah, right.  As I said to the guys over the weekend, I love my job and I’d quit it in a New York minute, like the moment I realized I had won. lol

On the way in to work there was a guy standing on an overpass with a huge sign pointing to the interstate that said, “So-and-So (he used a real first and last name) can’t we talk about it? Please call me.”  He didn’t leave his name or phone number. I guess he assumes she would know who he is, or maybe he is just into embarrassing her and not himself. I mean seriously, if you love me, don’t ever do that to me. Grand, public gestures of sorrow and/or unrequited love just leave me cold.  Unless, of course, they are a publicity stunt. Then it’s just annoying.  But if that’s what it was, I guess it worked, right? It got on MSNBC.

And for all the little girls that wanted a pony but were told by their cold, heartless practical parental units, “Where would we put it? In the backyard?” you can now say “yes” and send them this story/clip:  World’s Smallest Horse is Born.

And that, my friends, is all I got right now.


5 Responses to Monday Morning Miscellaney

  1. LOVE the randomness of it all!
    In regards to the sign toter.. I think that would point out an obvious obsession for someone to go that far.. and I would run for the hills.
    Grand romantic gestures are all fine and good, but to that extreme?!? Not for me!

    ~ Mrs. Discreet

    • piecesofjade says:

      I totally agree. It made me a little uncomfortable just seeing it, and it was even aimed at me! As my son said when he saw it, “Creepy!” But I do kinda feel for the guy–he must be hurting if he’s willing to go to those lengths.

  2. Kara says:

    I agree with Mrs. Discreet’s comment on the sign toter.

    About the lottery winner…it is nice to see someone who has no money win it. Though you do wonder if the dramatized is financial situation a little to make it sound better. If I won I would finish school and start my own business. Not sure what it would be but it would be something I really love doing. Maybe something to do with high end ladies shoes :) I don’t think even if I won all that money I could just sit around all day doing nothing and take vacations from time to time…I have to keep busy. Kara XOXOXOXO

    • piecesofjade says:

      Yeah, W was a bit skeptical when I said I wouldn’t work, EVER AGAIN, if I won. He seems to think I have a little too much energy to not do ANYTHING.

      But I wouldn’t do nothing–I’d travel. A LOT. And buy lots of shoes. ;-) Oh, and maybe write about all my kinky adventures once in awhile. (smirk)

  3. Kelley says:

    Re: the Powerball winner
    I doubt he over dramtised a bit. Truely I wish him and his kids the best. But I reguard his win as further proof that there is a God and he has a mighty twisted since of humor.

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