Getting my flirt on – or not

Have I mentioned that I am a hopeless flirt? A girlfriend once told me that I flirt with everyone, not just boys, and not just because I am sexually attracted to them or want them to be sexually attracted to me. “It’s just how you interact with people, Jade,” she said. “You let them know you like them…”

That may be true. It doesn’t feel like flirting to me, until I see them turn “on” in response, you know, light up, start to banter back, then I know I am doing it. And I kinda like that.  I love that little frisson of interest between people.

This week I flirted with:

cute funky chick at Border’s
her not-so-cute but funkier-yet male coworker
my ex
a stranger in IM
waiter at dinner last night
the guy that updates our website, whom I’ve never met in person (via phone)
one of my pseudo bosses
a grocery clerk
a random lady at Subway
the exercise class instructor at the Y

What I’m not so good at is when people flirt with me, or at least people that I am attracted to. I get all tongue-tied and blushy. And I always wonder, “Am I reading this right?” Like this morning, the girl at Starbuckies. She caught my eye when she spoke to me, touched my hand “accidentally,” and smiled in just that way…if I saw her reacting that way to anyone else, I’d know she was flirting. Well, my logic brain says, “No way!” but my subconscious brain knows what’s going on! I feel my face get hot, I blush and stammer and drop my eyes…oh god I am an IDIOT!

But dayum she was cute. I may have to revise my “once a week” restriction on all things Starbuck’s.  See if I can’t go back and redeem myself. ;-)


2 Responses to Getting my flirt on – or not

  1. Andi.p says:

    Hello Jade, i recently found both your blogs and have been reading all that’s archived. It’s all such terrific food for thought and fuel for the libido! This flirting but made me smile. In one way because i am the same, i know there is no need to smile brightly and stand so closely to the adorable stock girl at the grocery, but seeing her blushing, fumbling. Its exciting. Then again when I am the giftee of such attentions I look for the quickest exit lol.

  2. piecesofjade says:

    Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere and glad you are enjoying it. :-)

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