A Better Day

I got through a couple of the things that were cluttering up my psychological space: took dry cleaning in, finished my final paper, updated my erotica submissions list and decided on a possible new project.  So that helped.  Ad laughed when I told him that putting my laundry into the dry cleaner helped, but it’s true.  When I am feeling overwhelmed, a messy house, unfinished chores and leftover “to do” items such as a bag of dry cleaning in the trunk of my car weigh me down and make me feel claustrophobic.  So even getting one of them done helps ease the weight on my chest.

I am having an odd moment here at work though. Sometimes I feel so disconnected from these women I work with, from “normal” women, women with normal lives, in general. One just announced her (first) pregnancy, another her

engagement, and yet another brought her newborn in to visit. And here I am in my business attire, looking like one of them, except I have no panties on, and steel rings in my cuntlips, and last night I slept over at my Owner’s house (who happens not to be the partner they know) and I have on what I think of as my “big girl” slut shoes…ones that look like they could be professional, but really aren’t. They are, in fact, the very first pair of slut shoes I ever bought for W, after I realized what a shoe fetish he has.

Oh if they only knew all the depraved things I have done in these shoes.

No wait, I am glad they don’t.


One Response to A Better Day

  1. Kara says:

    I would rather have a fun and HOT co worker like you any day then just the regular average woman. As long as you enjoy your life that’s all that matters.

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