Planning, planning

I have a busy weekend/week ahead of me.  I have my nephew’s graduation to go to tonight (leave work at 4:30, run home, get changed, drive back to pick up the BoyChild at 6pm and then drive to the ceremony, hopefully to arrive by 7pm.) I have no idea what my reception there will be by my sister, but I don’t care. I won’t miss his graduation because of her spite.

Then tomorrow I have a graduation lunch for the GirlChild (good heavens, she is graduating high school, she’s hardly a “child” anymore–guess I better switch to using “The Missy” all the time now) with the ex and his wife at 11:30 and then her graduation at 3pm. After that’s over I head over to W’s for an overnight, which will probably be the last time we see each other for 3 weeks–the longest time we’ve been apart since we started all this!–although, since he isn’t leaving until Thursday now, I may try to squeeze in one more Tuesday night if he is amendable to that and I don’t have to do shopping with The Missy.  Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday it’s vacation/summer clothes shopping, then packing Thursday night, a wax job Friday and Saturday is getting ready to leave on Sunday, finalizing plans, last minute shopping, etc. Our flight leaves at 1:20 Sunday afternoon and arrives in PV at 8:15 that night. I can’t believe it’s only 9 days away!

In other news, my boss is back from maternity leave. Long-time readers of my blog may recall that one of the reasons I have always loved my job is because I have a great boss. It was she, in fact, that created the position I am in now for me, and promoted me into it over the…if not reluctance, at least a bit of concern…of a couple Senior Team members (both of whom are no longer with the organization.)  Their main concern? I do not have a college degree. I had only been with the organization 4 months at that time (perhaps another [possibly valid] concern of theirs.) But my boss had faith in me, and I believe I have lived up to the faith she placed in me. She was upfront with me that they would never be able to promote me into a management position or a position on the Senior Team without a college degree, but she has tirelessly promoted my skills and abilities to the rest of the group, and for that I am always grateful. (It helps that I really don’t want to be in management.) Her opinion and approval means a lot to me, and in more than just a “my boss values my work” kind of way. Good or bad, it is part of my nature to crave approval from others, and especially those in authority.

But the past 6 months or so, while she was pregnant, have been difficult ones. She had a difficult pregnancy, emotionally. She is something of a control freak, and I think having her body “taken over” by something she had no control over was hard on her. And she, in turn, was a bear to be around. I had even begun thinking maybe my time here is limited and that I might ought to start looking around.

Then yesterday, when she was in the office again for the first time in 3 months…it was like having the real M back in the office! I am soooo happy. Maybe I’ll stick around for awhile longer. ;-)

I am so excited about getting to spend Sat/Sun with W. I have to go home Sunday night, but I get to be his for about 24 hours before then, with no other obligations. I’ve already asked for some “cage time” because I have some writing to do (Please, Sir Virtual Book Tour piece [if you haven’t read the previous stops on the tour, see the links below & go check them out!], a post for Eden Cafe & a new Question Time that I’ve been noodling on for ages and just been unable to put together.)  I also need to make a list of all the questions I’ve received for those posts as well as a Writing List for what I want to write while we are in Mexico. In my (probably deluded) mind, I imagine writing every day and clearing out that stockpile of about a bazillion draft-posts in my queue.  I know–deluded is probably correct.  But I have a goal!

I also hope to get a sound beating (or 12) over that 24 hour period.  And…I keep wondering if he is planning to set something up for the new game we’ve been playing. I keep wondering if he is thinking about it.  I am not sure how I feel about it.  On the one hand, I know it would send him off to Florida with warm, fuzzy feelings about me, on the other I am a selfish, greedy girl and do not want to give up any time that I have with him to be with another. I certainly don’t want to spend my Saturday night or Sunday day on a “date” with another. Hours in someone else’s company without W is definitely NOT what I want for my weekend. But…if it pleases him…if it would make him hard…if it would make him dream about and long for me while he is away (and later, think about me while he is away somewhere else [selfish bitch that I am]) then it would be worth it.

Please, Sir virtual book tour dates for May 2010:

May 1 Baser Instincts
May 2 Man Eater Book
May 3 Hard and Fast
May 4 Erobintica
May 5 Dangerous Lilly
May 6 Sugarbutch Chronicles
May 7 The Sex Carnival
May 8 My Kinky World
May 9 Lusty Literati
May 10 Prurient Interests
May 11 Sarah Sloane
May 12 Hello Saraid
May 13 Desk Full of Dildos (That Toy Chick)
May 14 Julian Arancia (Flavius Iulianus)
May 15 Kristina Wright
May 16 Exploring Intimacy
May 17 Erotica Electronica
May 18 Our Goings On
May 19 SpastikFantastik
May 20 Alpine Subdreams
May 21 Orlando Sex & Relationships Examiner
May 22 Beth Wylde
May 23 Heather Lin
May 24 Pieces of Jade
May 25 Heartbreak Nympho
May 26 Yolanda Shoshana
May 27 ¡Qué sinvergüenza!
May 28 Leather Yenta (Lolita Wolf)
May 29 Marilyn’s Room (Marilyn Jaye Lewis)
May 30 Wanton Lotus Reviews
May 31 Curvaceous Dee


One Response to Planning, planning

  1. Jess says:

    Sounds like you have a busy but fun weekend. Enjoy all the graduations..especially your daughters since H.S. graduation only comes once. Have fun with W to.
    Maybe I should try to do some cage time when I need incentive to get some homework done next semester :)
    Have a great weekend…Kara XOXO

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