My Life in Bulletpoints

Because I just can’t manage a full-fledged post just now.  I have so much going on, at home and with my family, with W and Ad, at work and vacation and and and…

So. Bulletpoints. Till I can stop and breathe and write for real.

  • My sister was as big a bitch at the graduations as I had feared she would be. My daughter was as poised and gracious and beautiful in spite of my sister as I knew she would be.  She is still hurt and bewildered by my sister’s bitterness, though. I wonder how long until a heart calluses over and that kind of bad behavior by family members no longer hurts?  Oh wait. Never.
  • I am already feeling the absence of W, though he only left this morning. We seldom talk during the day, but I know he is always there, just on the other side of his computer, or that I can stop by his house practically anytime…and now he isn’t and I can’t.  It’s not really only these two weeks that have me rattled, although I am sure I will miss him terribly. It is the uncertainty of the next few months. Not knowing what they will decide, when he will be here or there.
  • He is trying to help alleviate my uneasiness about all this though. I mean hell, he bought a laptop before he left.  W! with a laptop! And last night he even agreed to hook up video chat.  I like to think it’s not all about how to make Jade less sad, but because he is going to miss me as much as I will him. ;-)
  • Video chat could be fun! Or weird. We’ll see.
  • Fresh cut pineapple may be the best tasting thing EVER. I love when my workmates bring in yummy food. Especially when I have forgotten my lunch.
  • Ad is a really good person. Without me asking him to (and I wouldn’t have), he came all the way over here to my office to pick up shipping stuff for something that W needs to have shipped out for him while he is in FL.  I was planning to do it at lunch, but he knows my lunch times are sometimes limited…so he just stopped by,gathered everything up and said, “I’ll take care of it.” How many men would do that for their girlfriend’s lover?  Bless that man.
  • We leave for Mexico in less than 72 hours. I haven’t started packing yet.
  • I did go shopping with The Missy, though. Poofy skirts, sandals, sunglasses, shorts and swimsuits–woot!
  • I just bought a beautiful wooden toy, the Nobessence Smooth S, with dollars I have earned writing for Eden Cafe. I LOVE it when I get stuff for writing. I’d write anyway, but getting paid for doing something I’d do anyway–too cool. I was actually going to buy another stainless steel buttplug, but the S has been calling to me, and it was $40 off–how could I resist?
  • W said I have to bring my Pure Plug with me to Mexico–but I left it at his house! Oops. :-(  Need to stop by there after the Boychild’s play tonight.
  • I discovered that pinching my own nipples just doesn’t do for me what the guys pinching them does. Funny, that.
  • I have a bigger to-do list for while I am in Mexico than I have when I am home.  And I keep adding to it.

And now, to work!


2 Responses to My Life in Bulletpoints

  1. Add “BREATHE” to your to-do list, would you?
    And then follow it up with “RELAX” ;)
    Have a great time in Mexico

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