Random Things about Mexico (and other thoughts)

  • Traveling musicians. And by “traveling,” I mean they get on board the buses and sing/play guitar for tips. I love it! Would make riding the Metro so much more pleasant.
  • Speaking of buses, The Missy and I are getting to be real pros at riding them, figuring out how to get where we need to go. I lovelovelove the public transportation system here.
  • Speaking of buses (part 2): Call me crazy, but I love how the bus drivers drive. There’s no “oh be careful of that old lady crossing the street” BS…you get on, the bus GOES, you get there FAST. heh
  • Speaking of crossing the street, I read a note that said, “Autos used to have the right of way. They changed the law, but didn’t tell anyone.” Don’t know how true that statement is, but it sure feels true when you are trying to get around on foot.  We have gotten very good at crossing without getting killed (which is a positive thing on a vacation!~)
  • Apparently eggs either don’t have to be refrigerated, and we just do in the US, or they do and they just don’t here in Mexico. Not sure which.
  • They don’t serve chips and salsa here in Mexican restaurants.
  • I also couldn’t find any jarred salsa or pre-made guacamole OR regular ole tortilla chips like I get in US grocery stores. Apparently we have some incorrect ideas of what people eat here, and how.
  • Ten days is a LONG time to be away from home, even someplace as beautiful as this.
  • Street theater is still funny, even when you can’t understand what they are saying.
  • Human statues are very strange.
  • I kinda had to object to the tequila store merchant that wanted five minutes to teach The Missy how to drink tequila: “We have bubblegum flavor for the chica!”
  • This is a perfect time to be here in that there are so few crowds. OTOH, there’s a reason it’s the slow season: it’s hot as fuck. But it does cool down beautifully in the evenings.
  • I wish I was around someone that wanted to cane me for Cane-a-Slut Day!
  • I wish I was around someone that wanted to cane me, period.

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