Things we saw on our walk yesterday

They're quite a bit smaller than their loud voices would indicate.

Every morning I wake to the sound of these really loud birds screeching outside our door. As loud as they are, I figured they must be as big as golden retrievers, and hearing them of course I think about W’s rooster every morning, but never I could never catch sight of them when I stuck my head out the door.

Until this morning. (Aww!  Babies!)

We went to get coffee and croissants and then to the grocery yesterday morning, then came back and vegged in the air conditioning, too worn out by the heat to contemplate doing anything else.  But then later I made The Missy take a walk from our beach at the condo to Playa los Muertos at the Malecon. It’s about a three mile walk and we were tired at the end, but it was beautiful, walking along the beach in the cooling afternoon breezes.

We played in the surf.   The Missy makes a good Sea Goddess.

We saw a fisherman.

I splashed around too.

The Missy “saved” a jellyfish, and wanted to save the puffer fish, too, but it was far too late.

The pelican was in much better shape.

And the two brides we saw were in even better condition.

The shape of this piece of driftwood was obvious even to my daughter.

"It's penis wood, Mom!"

And the shape I am in, after a lovely massage on the beach for The Missy and I, two glasses of wine, and a delightful chat with W & Ad before bed, is also obvious.

Can you say happy & relaxed?

Good night & sweet dreams to you both!


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