Busy Little Beaver

So, what have I been doing with myself?  Well, if you’ve read my latest Pieces of Jade posts, you’ll know what I’ve been doing to myself… ;-)

But I’ve been doing more than that.

  • Working.
  • Doing homework.
  • Writing a little.
  • Thinking about W coming home.
  • Thinking about writing projects.
  • Planning dates with strange boys.
  • Planning a date with a not-strange couple.
  • Thinking about W coming home some more.
  • Planning little things to do to cheer up and/or amuse W while we’re apart.

I’m a little down at the moment, but mostly my campaign to keep us at least as connected as we can be seems to be working.  I just have this feeling of disconnect right now that is hard to shake. Of worrying that we won’t be able to reconnect again, fear that something will be lost. Of course that is irrational, but it is what I am feeling.

I’ve just got to slog through it.  But the slogging sucks.

I’ve got a busy weekend, even before W gets in on Sunday:

  • Tonight–Dinner with The Missy, then orientation for us both for backpacking class, then home for hair coloring.
  • Fri–Work thing after I get off at 11:30, meet a new guy at 2:30 at my favorite wine bar, meet the couple at the hotel bar at 7pm.  Hoping to have time in between all those to either work on my mid-term or on the new story I am writing.
  • Sat–Finish take-home midterm, get new phones, visit Museum of Transportation, wax appt at 1pm, hiking.
  • Sun–Backpacking class 9-4pm, pick up W at 6:45.
  • Sun/Mon-At W’s.
  • Tues night–Drop him at airport. Cry. (No, just kidding. In fact I don’t feel sad about the last part of this trip away. I know I’ll be feeling…other things…while he’s gone, but I don’t think sadness is in there.
  • Wed–Music festival with Ad that night–should be lovely, listening to Javier Mendoza under the stars.

I’ve got additional plans later in the week, but those aren’t set in stone yet.  And I feel like I have SO MANY other things to do…I just can’t remember them all.

Here’s a funny thing.  We always joke about how my dog Cooper is really “his Mama’s boy.” (Yeah yeah I know, it’s sick, but I’m his Mama.) Anyway, he went for a walk with us the other day and was so sore…but the next day, he was up and wanting to go again, and got all hurt when we didn’t take him with us.  “Masochist,” Ad said. “He asks to go even though he knows it will hurt.”  Yup, just like me, asking for the cane, asking for play, knowing it’s gonna hurt, but unable to help myself.  And then last night Ad tells me that he got Coop a new collar. “And he was so excited to have it back on! He practically begged me to put it on him, put his head through it, and when it was on he curled up on floor at my feet with a happy sigh, finally content.”

Yup, he’s my dog all right.  Missing the ties that bind him.


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