Oh Happy Day

I am HAPPY! All is right in my world once again…even with W going back out of town tonight for another week, just having him here, close, spending time with him, talking to him (and yes, getting tied, whipped and fucked by him) makes me feel centered again.  Content.

To celebrate, I am wearing tit collars and ridiculously high, strappy heels at work today.

And thinking about all the things I can do while he is gone so he can’t help thinking about me and what I might be doing while he’s gone and can’t wait to get back to me to find out.  Because yes, I’m a good girlfriend and I want him to have fun at the event with his other partner, but I am also me and I want me to be in the back of his mind while he’s having all that fun. :-P  Just like he always is in mine.

Other delightfully fun things that have happened is that I got a new phone. It’s Sprint’s version of a touch phone, not their new Evo, but the precursor to it, because the Evos were sold out everywhere when we finally, after 2 weeks of researching, debating and looking at different plans & phones, decided to take the plunge. Also, I wasn’t sure I’d like a touch phone, so wanted to experiment with a  less expensive version, which, if I liked it well enough, I could then pass on to Ad or the Boychild when we add him to the plan, and get the Evo, which should be back in stock.  (Goodness, run-on sentences, anyone?)  Anyway, I love my new phone. Touch keyboard is taking some getting used to, but I’m persistent and I think it’s going to be a big fat WIN.

Other things that make me happy? Hiking class. Six miles in 98 degree heat/90 percent humidity with a 20lb pack on my back, and I still felt great. Part of that I am convinced is my new trekking poles. Ad got them for me two years ago and I never used them (I know, bad) but they really make a huge difference.  They help with balance and with balancing the weight of a pack correctly and make my strides more efficient, in addition to alleviating stress on knees and assisting in climbing and descending.  Honestly, if you ever plan to hike more than occasionally, get some. (A belated, but heartfelt thank you to Ad.)

Ad is another happiness maker. I was…a little dubious about spending the week “only” at home. You have to remember that I have spent practically the last year in between Ad’s and W’s, and W keeps me pretty busy and stimulated, both mentally and sexually. Ad’s space is usually my down/quiet time, with occasional outings and play thrown in there, which seems to be a good mix for us all. So I was worried that I would be bored with all that down time.  But I wasn’t, at all, and Ad and I had some really great connecting time and I remembered all the little things I love about being with him, how incredibly compatible we are, and why I chose him as a life partner.  It’s good to have those reminders.

I’ve had other fun things, too. A date Friday afternoon with a new potential “friend” that W set up, after which I video chatted with him right at the bar where I met the guy. That was great fun!  And then after that I met up with a girl and her guy for a mostly girl-interaction date that was very nice. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a girl, and I got to use a strap-on, something that I would not have thought I’d like, but I did. A lot.  And, during the course of that date and in subsequent discussions, I have come to realize even more just how incredibly suited W and I are to each other in terms of WIITWD (aside from compatibility as lovers/friends.)  Again, it is good to have those reminders.

So, all in all–happy day, happy life! Yay!


3 Responses to Oh Happy Day

  1. Kara says:

    I LOVE your heels Jade!!! The look amazing!! Kara XOXO

  2. Kara says:

    They are VERY awesome. I LOVE how you wear them to work. Must get you a lot of looks and make you feel so sexy wearing them all day:) Even though I work by myself most of the day maybe I’ll have to start following your example and wear some fun and sexy heels to work :)
    Thanks again for sharing…Kara XOXO

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