Busy is Good

I got up early this morning feeling inexplicably better than I did yesterday afternoon.  Nothing’s different–except my outlook. (smile)  Then as I was going through my email I saw my horoscope:

Thursday, Jun 24th, 2010 — If you are feeling better now, you might not be sure what exactly happened that changed your outlook. But don’t waste time trying to figure it out. Be careful; self-doubt can set the stage for a deeper level of uncertainty. If you place enough energy into worrying, something will undoubtedly go wrong. But the potential is even more obvious when you’re already on a spiritual high. Concentrate your hopeful attitude on a positive outcome.


I’m trying to figure out weekend plans now. I was supposed to see the BoyChild last night to help him with some summer homework, but he had a date (!), so instead I went over to the house with Ad and worked on a blog post while he did some house repairs for the new renters who are moving into the house in July.  It was a quiet, restful evening, and looking through pictures of some of the scenes W and I have done cheered me (and made me hot.  Damn that man has done some yummy things to me!)  So tonight I am getting with Boychild after he has karate. I’ll have some time in between work and then, so I think I may either run or hike.  I always forget how good exercise is for me when my head is bad.

The Missy’s 18th birthday is Friday. I am trying to figure out if she is doing something that night with her friends or Saturday, so Ad and I can decide which night to backpack & camp. If we do that Friday, then Saturday we’ll either do something with the Missy when we get back and then go to the party Saturday night, or take her out to dinner to celebrate that night. I’d like to get all dressed up slutty and go out Saturday night to the play party, but I think it’s probably either going to be kid stuff or camping for us.  Sunday is a small get together for rope enthusiasts at a friend’s house and then dinner afterward.  We (meaning Ad and I) have been invited several times, and W has apparently been on the list for the group for a long time, but he’s never gone, for whatever reason, and Ad has never considered himself enough of a “rope guy” to go. Still, they’re all people that we know (at least marginally) and I really think the slow methodical-ness of “pretty” rope play will appeal to Ad, if he gives it a try.

Busy is good.


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