Slowly Un-Stressing

The review I did with my boss and semi-boss yesterday for the training seminar I am giving at the staff conference next week went very well.  It was like a huge weight had been lifted from me. I perform well under pressure, but yikes do I hate feeling like that! Looking at my list today, it’s just as long as it has been, and I still have this huge project/new website/platform to do in the next week, but…I’m okay. I can deal with it.  Still stressful, but…do-able.  So, after I get off today, I am off work all weekend. Not going to look at it or think about it at all!

Even my horoscope says I should take some time to play:

Friday, Jul 30th, 2010 — Your summer is suddenly in full swing, but it may feel discomforting going from being quiet to being a social butterfly. Even if you like the idea of spontaneously going out and having fun, you can still make a strong case for working before you play. Naturally, you shouldn’t run out on your responsibilities. Nevertheless, having a good time can be rejuvenating so make sure to schedule it into your day.

It’s even right on that my summer-my real summer, the kinky one-is back in “full swing.” I do believe it’s telling me my kinky life is soon to return to normal. Go me! And it’s right: play party tomorrow night & registering for Twisted Tryst (today?), hopefully normalcy in getting to spend play time with W in the next couple weeks (after the staff conference, of course.) Maybe even a little today, if all the stars, the moon and the sun align correctly.

Speaking of today, we usually get to dress in jeans on Friday. But we have a site visit by an organization that gives us lots of funding, so we had to dress business-y. Since I’m (hopefully) headed over to W’s after work, I am wearing a body-hugging pencil skirt and pointy-toed pumps. Feeling kinda “hot business-y.” lol It’s funny how much I dress for him, if I know I might see him. Never, ever flats, and usually shoes that are just-this-side of appropriate for office wear.  Just because. I’m glad we couldn’t wear jeans today.

Got up this morning and did stairs and walked/jogged at track. There’s stairs at the high school that, ever since I saw them the other day during a walk with Ad, I’ve been jonesing to do. Literally, daydreaming about them! How goony is that?  So today I got up and did them. Then realized that there’s also steps (4 sets) up the bleachers out by the track! They are in sets of 50 steps, and I managed 10 sets up and down, as well as 3/4 mile walking/jogging. I could have done more, but I was feeling a pleasant tiredness and had a good sweat going, so I stopped at that. Go slow, Ad says!  And he’s right. Just gotta work my way back slowly.

It was weird running without my iPod, which died last night. All I had was my own thoughts. Damn I think loud!  And a lot. No wonder running was always such a relief and joy to me: it’s the relief from my head for awhile as well as the physical exertion that I liked. lol

Okay, back to work so i can get finished in time for some of that play time I mentioned. :-)

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