So I can just hear ya’ll out there: “So what happened at the conference, Jade? Were you a success? Did you fall flat on your face? Were you booed and hissed or commended and applauded?  And did you ‘drop your panties’ after too many Grey Goose-and-pineapple drinks with the other girls in the office???”

Oh wait, you don’t know about the drinks yet (dubbed “PantyDroppers”), because I haven’t told you about them, or anything else since my mild freak-out back on the 3rd.

I didn’t fall on my face. I survived, and actually I am pretty proud of the job I did. I was given a set of challenges–one of which was unrealistic–but I persevered.  And more than that, I did very well. My seminars went smoothly; I was able to make a last minute change that made it even better and the feedback I got from it was excellent.  But more than that, I conquered a very real fear (public speaking) and was good at it and even enjoyed it.

The second challenge, to get the website built in a program that I had no experience in, I also accomplished (for the most part.) I got through that thanks to W, who I called and had a long talk with in which he helped me push through my utter paralysis when I couldn’t get started on it. Once he broke me out of that, I was able to work on it, and though I missed out on most of the conference because I had to work on it, I made myself take one night and go out with the girls, and ended up having a great time.

Which leads us to dropping panties.

No, no panties were dropped. At least not mine. Drinks were had, laughter shared, and Jade managed to not overshare or to drop her panties. I am proud of that little fact as well. ;-)

Back at home, I spent two nights and days with both guys…oh my, they welcomed me home in style.

But that’s a story for Pieces of Jade, I think.

And now, I am off to bed with Ad, so that I can get up and start another week.  Hopefully one with as many successes as this past one.


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