Hell, I’ve gotten remiss in my updating here. Lots has been going on, maybe that’s why. Just too damn busy.

Busy in a good way and busy in some not so good ways.

Bad: I’ve been working lots and lots of hours.

Good: Got my website done and it looks pretty damn good, if I do say so myself (and I do.) Building it gave me lots of confidence about my ability to use the new system. I don’t know what the hell I was so afraid of.

Bad: My car got broadsided. By a hit and run.

Good: I wasn’t hurt.

Bad: They totaled it.

Good: I am getting enough out of it to get it fixed. Honestly I was amazed at how much they gave me for my 10 year old beater of a Saturn (that I adore.)  I still won’t have a car payment and I will have a car that gets me where I am going, which is enough.

What else this means is that I get to put my car in the shop Monday and work from home M-T-W. And that means that I get to leave early Wednesday for Twisted Tryst!  Well, actually for Chicago, where we are staying over night with a friend I made in Chicago at Kinky Kollege…and then heading up to the event in his motorhome…omg I am so excited! A road trip, meeting up with my friend again and getting to intro him to W, five days with W–camping!, three or four days of total immersion in kink, hopefully some kickass scenes…I can hardly keep it all in.

So yeah, been doing major planning for that.

Oh, and had a “forced date.” I might share more about that, haven’t decided yet. Probably over on PoJ.

And the BoyChild started high school, and so far: he loves his new school (hooray!)  And the Missy starts next week in college. And she and I and her BF have started running together. And they are so sweet–the two of them are making dinner for us tonight.

Hmm…speaking of which…it’s finally time to go pick up the BoyChild and head home.  So that’s it for the update!  I’ll try to be better and write something more substantial this weekend!


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