Funny things my kids say…

So we all know about my snotty-faced, allergy-infested self.  I’m sniffly, sneezy, red-eyed and miserable–and oh so attractive.  (rolling eyes) So tonight, on the couch, snuggling up to Ad after having napped off my exhaustion from a sleepless night, he chuckles.

“What’s funny?” I say.

“You just make me happy,” he replies. “You’re so snuggly and sweet and, I don’t know, endearing.”

My daughter, sitting on the other end of the couch, says, without missing a beat, “Yeah, because allergies are so endearing.”

And the BoyChild says from across the room, “If you think allergies are endearing, my mother is the woman for you.”

Yeah, gotta love my kids.

Here’s another endearing thing about me: I have a big toenail that’s going to come off. (O-M-G, I know! Sooo sexy! I am just a big ball of sexy this week!)  It happened because I stupidly wore my too small hiking shoes on a hike my daughter and I had taken, damaging my toenail to the point where it is now lifting and certainly going to come off eventually.

And I can’t keep from messing with it.

Ad notices and grabs my hands to stop me.

“Do we have to put cones on your hands?” the daughter says.  This garners much hilarity for the three of them, as they mime my attempts to manage household tasks with giant plastic cones on my hands.

And then, when we are talking (between sneezes) about my birthday plans, The Missy says, “So, Mom, did you ask Ad for a pony for your birthday?”

And I think about spending all day emailing W back and forth about ponygirl gear, and finding the perfect name for Black Pony, and I blush and grin and catch Ad’s eye. And open my mouth and almost say, “No, but I get to be a pony for my birthday!”

Actually, I don’t. But close enough.


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