Miscellaneous news, notes & bitching

This forgetting to bring my panties thing has to end. Seriously. Oh, and waking at 2:30 AM, unable to go back to sleep? Yeah, you can keep that too.  And while you’re at it, how about the every-three-weeks breaking-out-like-a-teenager bullshit.  Could ya stop that nonsense as well??

Sigh. Second time in a row that I go to the gym before work and forget underwear. Not sure why underwear isn’t an automatic item to pack, but apparently it isn’t. Today I am wearing a dress though, so it’s not as bad as the day I wore jeans. Unless it’s windy, of course.

I woke up at 2:30 with my allergies raging.  I had taken my every-12-hours medicine two hours earlier than usual that evening–bad idea. The drugs barely keep the misery in check as it is, and when it wears off I know it, and suffer accordingly.  It usually starts decreasing in effectiveness within 1-2 hours, and like clockwork, I woke up sneezing, wheezing, scratching my eyes and trying to stem the waterfall of snot coming out of my nose.

Oh, was that TMI?  Bleh. Sorry. But such is my life right now.  Such a sexy woman, aren’t I?

And okay, last but not least on my “what an abortion of a day it is” list, is this whole breaking out thing. I never had bad breakouts as a teenager, so why the fuck am I getting them now? In a matter of days I’ll be forty-five years old. Forty-five! I deserve better than this.

Speaking of the landmark day, I have a friend that is 47. She is going through a major midlife crisis, and is always talking about herself in terms of her age, as though that one fact defines all of her. I realize that much of this is because her life isn’t how she wants it to be right now, but still, I so don’t want to define myself in terms of my age. I am not my age, I am me, and frankly I am having the time of my life.  I’ve never had it better in my life and can’t think of a thing I’d change (ok, except the allergies & the breakouts.) But I do understand her fears.  Society really does a number on women as they begin to reach a “certain age.” Men, especially in the lifestyle, always have at least some portion of the female populace yearning after them well into their 50’s, due to that whole “experienced” mystique. Women are just…aging. It sucks.  One thing I really like about W, though, is I think he really does appreciate a women closer to his own age.  Oh sure, he looks just as much as the next guy at the sexy young thangs you see everywhere (especially in bondage photography) but I think he actually likes women of his own age.  It’s refreshing.  And Ad, well, Ad just loves me, no matter what age or weight I am, no matter what I wear or how many wrinkles I have. The good thing about not caring what I look like is that he also doesn’t care if I am young, old, pot-bellied or snotty-nosed. He really does see past the physical and loves me for me.  It’s…sweet.

My schedule is a little wonky right now. I still don’t know if I am leaving town or not this weekend or staying and going to the Grue, or staying and not going to the Grue.  I do know that I am trying to work out going to a leather working class with W tonight, have kids tonight and tomorrow, no kids Wednesday and Ad’s taking me out to one of my favorite restaurants Thursday for my birthday.  If W and I are going out of town, we’ll leave some time Friday and be back home Sunday. If not, we have the meet ‘n’ greet for the Grue Friday night, and hopefully some play that night, if W’s back is better.  Then the Grue all day Saturday and a play party that night, and a pancake breakfast-wrap up at Mj’s the next morning.

So yeah, busy week.  Time to stop bitching and get my butt moving, I guess.


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