My Night So Far

Pampering, including:

  • warm salt bath
  • several orgasms
  • glass of wine
  • dinner made for me
  • ice cream
  • warm fuzzy socks
  • candles

Kinky stuff, including:

  • being shaved
  • being given a nice, gentle enema
  • getting fucked in the ass with my new silver wand
  • having golf balls shoved inside me

Getting fucked, including:

  • golf balls in my pussy
  • from behind
  • in the ass
  • with Baldy

And now we’re playing Scrabble.

Oh, and I forgot to remove the golf balls so I get to get them taken out later.  More fun!

Life is good.

Edit:  This just in: I just played a 7-letter “z” word on a double/double. One-hundred and twenty-two points. Oh YEAH.

A stellar night so far, wouldn’t you say?


3 Responses to My Night So Far

  1. Inferno says:

    You can never go wrong with a night of Scrabble.

  2. John says:

    Hmmmm. Golf balls, give me an idea…….Maybe you can caddy? I might reconsider golfing…lol. BTW how many golf balls can you take?

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