Weekend Notes

I carried my keys into my office this morning in my mouth.  I’ve locked my keys in my car several times in the past few weeks.  It has been an occasional thing before (prompting Ad to make multiple copies of my car key), but now it’s becoming a disturbing trend.  I think it’s because I have things in my hands when I get out of the car, so don’t think about the keys.  So Ad suggested the keys-in-mouth trick. We’ll see if that works. Though if any of my coworkers see me they are going to laugh their asses off.


I had a good weekend.  Quiet for the most part, except for a pretty intense fisting scene W and I did Saturday night. (Heh, like how I just threw that in there? La-di-da, and oh yeah, by the way, W fisted me the other night.  No big deal…)  It is a big deal, actually, not something we do every day for sure, but I don’t know, because of the context of the situation, it didn’t have the emotional resonance it had the first time we did it. I think, actually, it was set up more in line with the way W approaches play at times: kind of objectifying and remote.  And I think that was exactly what he wanted it to be, because he was doing it to prep me for an upcoming play session with someone else.  But for me, it’s an incredibly intimate experience, and something I want to be intimate, not brutal or cold.  We talked a little about that aspect afterward as well, when I kind of reacted to some of the scene language he was using about it, and expressed some of my concerns in playing that way, with this particular act, especially with this new person he is going to allow to play with me tomorrow.

But wait, all that is not part of this blog…you’ll have to read more about that sometime over on Pieces of Jade.

What did have more emotional resonance with me was the quiet time W and I had afterward, on Sunday, laying in the grass in the park, talking about nothing–deliberately not talking about anything. We had done an awful lot of that Friday night and Saturday after we had come home from the munch, and I think we both wanted to just…be. Be in each other’s company and presence, be safe and quiet together, without the emotional climate that talking “about” things of the past week engendered.  I know I just wanted to feel cocooned, warm and safe with him.  And I did.

It was good.


There is other stuff to think about re: the weekend, but, I am not sure I’m ready/able/should talk about them. We’ll have to see.


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