I’m so excited…

I have the words to some 80’s song in my head:

“I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it, I like it.”

But when I went to Youtube to find it, but what came up was a song from the “golden age of disco” called Let’s Have a Party Tonight.  Have I ever mentioned that W revers all things disco? No?  Well, believe it, he does.  And so, in honor of my goofy Owner, I just had to post it.  What a great totally-iconically-disco song, and one I’ve never heard! (And I know, I know, if you’ve read half the stuff I post over on PoJ, you probably wouldn’t use the word “goofy” to describe W.  But honest–he does have a silly side.)

So what am I excited about? Oh, just that I am going away for a WEEK for fun, first with W, then with W and Ad, and then at a work conference.  That’s right, I am looking forward to a work conference, but it’s not with my coworkers (except 10 or so from our national office and those are people I am looking forward to seeing) but with about a thousand other folks that have all gathered to learn about the software package that we use to manage our donors, websites and special events.  I’m actually looking forward to being around all those people I don’t know and learning stuff that only I will know in my organization.  I am also honored that my pseudo-boss felt that it was worth the money to send me to it.  And hell, it’s a free trip to a city I’ve never been!

(Edit: I always forget that I have been there. My brother died at John Hopkins in Baltimore, and I was there for the last two days of his life. But of course I didn’t see anything other than the hotel and the hospital that time.)

Anyway. I always hear people say, “Don’t get so excited, then you won’t be disappointed…” about doing a thing or going somewhere.   Poppycock, I say!

(How’s that for a great word??  Which, by the way, is also a brand of candied popcorn, besides meaning nonsense, and in spite of the fact that the word probably originated from a word for “dung” (see http://www.etymonline.com.))

It doesn’t matter how excited I get, how much I anticipate and dream about a thing, I know it’s going to be different than what I have in my head, but that doesn’t matter–I will enjoy myself, and not be disappointed, no matter what. I always do. (Well, unless things get canceled or something tragic/horrendous occurs.  Though even when things get canceled or I have to change plans, I can usually adapt to that as well.) So to take away the build-up, the excitement, the sleeplessness and furiously racing thoughts would be such a shame. And I just can’t do it, period.  Not in my make-up.

This week is going to be jam-packed. We drive to Chicago tonight. Hopefully there will be enough light for me to get some work done on my new ponytail for Onyx. I believe we are going to debut her at Kinky Kollege! So excited! (Oops, there I go again, lol.)  So I really want to get a new tail made for her (I have a shorter one that just isn’t quite right.)  W worked on a new harness for her, and I got some kick-ass boots for her too, so, she’s ready to come out and play, to get shown off, as am I.

Tomorrow I work from the hotel room (real work, not the kind I posted about over on Wanton Wednesday, though I have a feeling (hoping) there will be a fair bit of “working girl” play going on as well. lol) Then W has arranged for me to…meet…a friend of his. I believe I shall be tied and gagged for this meeting, or for at least part of it.  So you can guess what sort of “meeting” it is.  After that, we meet an acquaintance from Twisted Tryst and her friend for dinner and play afterward.  This is kind of new to me–I facilitated and instigated this part. I’m a little anxious about it–we’re all total strangers to each other, to be honest, but W and I both liked her at TT and she and I have kept in touch via IM, so…we’ll see.

Friday is the start of Kinky Kollege.  Ad gets in around 1pm.  And I am hopefully going to meet up with another blogger friend, the oh-so-sexy, ultimate shoe-slut, LongDistanceSub! Another friend and one-time play partner will also be there with his new submissive, and of course our friend BadBeast, that we went to TT with and that I had the lovely anal hook scene with at the last KK and his wife will be there.  He said he hopes I have room on my “dance card” for a scene with him, as he has some “ideas.”  ~delicious shiver~  I hope I do too!  The guys have what sounds like a fun scene planned for that night.  It incorporates something that Ad has always wanted to do, but if he does, requires some actual planning on my and their parts, so, though the guys are plan-phobic, I kind of bullied them into actually planning it out. Of course, if it happens the way it’s planned, we’ll all be shocked, I am sure, but at least we’ll have the right set-up in case there’s a chance. lol

Saturday I am doing a “shoe-centric” photo shoot with the luscious LongDistanceSub and some other women at KK, and possibly, maybe a more private one with just her and I too. Shoes, sexy lingerie, hot women and a camera–what could be better? Hmm, maybe some rope? ;-) And Saturday night is more play. Play play play play play!!!!! ~giggle bounce~

Sunday I am off to Baltimore for my conference. I opted to bring…sexy business attire for this one. I have…thoughts…of possibly moving a bit outside my comfort zone. Maybe even ~gasp~) hooking up with someone out there.  I’ve never actually picked someone up that way on a business trip…but damn, knowing how hard it would make W, well, I may just try.  Now, no pressure from ya’ll out there in the peanut gallery, though!  If it happens, it does.  But I’ll be sure to share all the details if it does. ;-)

Okay, well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I will have time to update a couple times this weekend, and if not then, surely next week!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I did find the original song I was looking for:


One Response to I’m so excited…

  1. Inferno says:

    Who doesn’t love a disco inferno?
    Those old disco songs can really set the mood for fun.

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