My Morning

Well, here it is Work from Home Day and I am…working from Bread Co. Long story.  Bottom line is no hotness today. I am in sneaks, a t-shirt, running tights, hair in a ponytail (even that is misbehaving, all kinds of wild curls around my face.)  Sigh.

Okay, I know you wanna know the story, so I’ll spill.  In brief, I got up late. Because I apparently really can’t function as an adult without one of my keepers, and didn’t set the alarm correctly. Ran around this morning trying to get my shit together to get out the door to get the Boychild to school on time.  Didn’t happen. But he was only an hour late–that’s not too bad, is it?  I don’t get the Total Fuck-Up of a Parent Award, do I?

Got over to this side of the world and came into Bread Co. to get some coffee to take to W’s, glanced down at my phone to see I had TWELVE work emails, all marked, “Urgent!”


Decided perhaps it would be best to just sit here and resolve some of these “urgent” problems right away…and…three and a half hours later, here I sit.  Okay, I think, I’ll just stay here til lunch, right?

Then my power supply crapped out. It’s been temperamental for the past couple of weeks, but usually I can fiddle with it til it comes back, or reconnects, or does whatever it is it does that makes electrical things work.  Not this time.

I blame W (because, why not, he’s not here to defend himself), whose power thingie for his brand new laptop had to be replaced recently. It’s a jinx thing, since I was all smug that mine has lasted almost three years. Ha, see? Dell is better. And the gods smote me for my smugness.

So. Now I am off to Best Buy, not the place I wanted to be, and not money I wanted to spend, especially after spending $80 to get some pimply-faced kid to come break into my car for me the other night. At least it took him longer than the 30 seconds i had feared it would take. That’s right, I wanted him to work for his $75 fee ($5 was for two new car keys to be made.)

Yes, I suck. I should not be allowed loose in the world.

Please, someone save me from myself.  Or at least feed me enough wine and sweet words to make it all okay.


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