A Timely Reminder

I don’t know how she does it, but my daughter must have ESP.  I was laying in bed, reading a book (a novel of the aftermath of a nuclear war, now there’s an uplifting topic) and I get a text message from her.  “Go check email.”

I hem and haw, say I am in bed and don’t want to get up to look at it.  She insists. “It’s worth it,” she says. So I drag my sorry ass out of bed, and this is what my beautiful, amazing daughter has sent me:

She does the darnedest things, that girl.   How can I be such a sad sack when I have her in my life?  Time to start counting my blessings rather than whining about unimportant things.

The collage is now on my desktop to remind me of what’s important.


2 Responses to A Timely Reminder

  1. hubman says:

    It seems like you have a good kid there- Nice job mom!

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