“A day in the life of…”

I realized a few minutes ago that I haven’t really had a “a day in the life of…” update in awhile. Probably because things haven’t been all that exciting round these parts…just bumping along, doing our usual.  Also, I have written a couple pretty lengthy, involved and introspective posts over on PoJ, which take several days and lots and lots of pre-writing, re-writing, musing, thinking hard, and then actual writing, so haven’t had much else in my head.

I know, hard to believe I don’t have much in my head. ~smirk~

I’m also enjoying writing the Truth posts, but they, too, take a bit of introspection, and lend themselves less easily to the usual day-to-day kinds of posts that I usually do a couple times a week over here. I don’t know if that is necessarily a bad thing though. Who wants to read about my (struggles) to get back into a running/gym routine, or the movie I saw the other night when Ad was gone (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, in Swedish with subtitles, based off the amazing last book in the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series by Stieg Larsson.) Actually that would have been a good night to write here, because while it would have been just a “and then I did this” post, it also was a good segue into the oddness of being me, alone in the world, on a night when I wasn’t all mopey and sad. How very strange it was for me to have to answer to no one, and to wander about completely unfettered by men, schedules, or children.

Or maybe I did write about that, I don’t know.   As I said, I’ve been pretty focused on the two longer PoJ posts and my Truth posts here.

I also discovered, when I popped in on my blog to take a look at what I’ve got in my Drafts folder, that I have 116 draft posts on this blog and 95 on PoJ.  How is that even possible?  Do I even know 116 things to talk about??  So guess what I am going to be doing over the 4-day break?  Besides cooking a fabulous dinner for my parents, spending four days kid-free with Ad, writing a story for a call for submissions due on the 1st (OMG I’m behind), crocheting like a mad woman to get a project done, going to the play space on Saturday night, and, oh yeah, taking a ride in some guy’s private plane as a first date on Friday? (Yeah, you read that right–pretty cool, huh?  It’s a pretty good pick-up line, eh? “So, how about I fly you around the Metro area and then I take you to lunch on Friday?” ~smirking again~)

But yeah, I’ll also be culling through the chaff on both blogs and seeing what’s left.  Maybe even…setting myself a writing schedule.  Because yanno, I’ve always been sooooo wildly successful at sticking to schedules, meeting my goals, etc. etc.

Yeah, I suck at that.

And speaking of sucking, Ad’s and my sex life has been minimal!  Job/life stress really impacts his libido, poor guy. And funny thing with me, if I ain’t gettin’ it, I start not to want it. The more sex I have, the hornier I am. That’s why I am such a good fucktoy when both Guys are around–if one’s not fucking me, the other is! ~sigh~  Maybe a few days without young peoples about will inspire him…

And now I must go…I’m late for the gym!


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