Truth: Day 16 – Self-Righteous Pricks

Honest hearts produce honest actions.

Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

I feel like ranting.  Maybe it’s because I have been up since 4:30.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen W in a week and it appears he really has no intention of ever asking me to come over again.

Maybe it’s just because I feel like ranting.

So, what can I do without?  How about self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitudes.

Yeah, people bitch about this all the time. “One True Wayism.” “My kink is okay, yours is not.” “This is poly, what you’re doing isn’t.”

I get sooooo fucking sick of reading that attitude in discussions. Two discussions on Fetlife recently got my goat. One was on a poly list, in which a woman was talking about hooking up with a guy that had a girlfriend and asking for advice. Granted, she was on some ethically shaky ground in some ways, but the moralistic assholes that chose to chastise her because she dared to bring it up on a “POLY” list, when they deemed it not a poly relationship or topic just pissed me off.  Who the hell are they to judge what’s poly and what isn’t? Maybe her hook-up would have ended up being a love relationship. Maybe her primary relationship is poly, and random hook-ups are allowed. (Sound familiar?) Who the fuck made them arbiters of All-That-Is-Poly?

The second was a post about labia stretching. Yes, the poster might have been using the topic for wank fodder, but the attitude of intolerance and outright rudeness about a perfectly legitimate kink that one might have really irritated me. And apparently it did someone else as well who had actually done it, because she commented that she felt too uncomfortable to post about it due to people’s intolerance and attitudes.

I love Fetlife, but sometimes I just need to walk away.

As mentioned, I’ve been up (again) since 4:30.

I managed to write a Pieces of Jade post, finish a crochet project, have a huge breakfast and take care of some bills.  And now I am exhausted. But I still have shopping to do, I want to hit the gym, I’ve been ordered requested by the Missy to put up our little fake glowy Christmas tree (yeah I am a bah-humbug, I no longer have little children at home so feel no need to decorate) which I have to find, clean the kitchen, grocery shop, and finish about 12 loads of laundry.

But first, a nap.


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