On the Mend

Wow…so, started this post a few days ago. It’s been…a helluva week.  As some of you may know, I had a bit of surgery recently, and while it’s all good and I am well, it has been a bit harder to recuperate from than I had anticipated, and I have have really been wiped out. Today, one week to the day of the surgery, I am still exhausted & sore, and goddamned sick of being this way! But I guess I should have believed the doctor when he said that I might be, and that 10 days of recuperation before I even started to feel normal would not be unheard of.

Of course, I always think I’ll be back on my feet in 48 hours no matter WHAT’S going on. Or at least want to be. W says I am an impatient. I guess I have to agree with him.

Anyway, from that earlier post:

So this is my life the last–how many days has it been?–five or six I think. Since last Tuesday.

Pain. Drugs. Sleep.

And now, I’m awake, in less pain, and on a lot less drugs. W is home-actually ensconced at my home, where I, too, am ensconced, laid up in a special bed while I recuperate from surgery. Ad’s here, too, when he isn’t working, which hasn’t been a lot the last three days at least, so I have them both here playing nursemaid to me. It’s nice, sweet really, for W to have come over in spite of him not actually needing to be here (since Ad’s now available most of the day to help out and I am finally getting at least partially mobile.) I guess he came anyway because he knows how awful it was while he was stuck in NY and Ad and the Missy struggled to take care of me during the worst of it, while juggling work and other commitments.  Whatever his motivation, I am glad to have him here. He’s not only a help, but is darn good company.

(Edit: It’s now Tuesday, and he was here yesterday and will be here today and tomorrow, when, since Ad is working, I really do need him. So that’s been really super helpful.)

Enforced inactivity is hard, especially when I don’t feel well enough or able to focus enough to do any of the things I normally would while inactive physically, such as read, crochet, write, blog, read and comment in Fetlife discussions, chat or flirt in email or IM, post kinky pictures, read blogs, tweet or play board games. I’ve just been able to start reading in longer batches, and have been able to concentrate on an episode of Glee or two, managed to play a board game last night with the Guys and the kids and this evening with the Guys, and now here I am blogging, so I’m getting back to normalcy, but it’s been nice just to have W to talk with or listen to.  Ad and I have never had long, intellectual discussions, and while W’s and mine aren’t all that “intellectual,” we still have a wide range of topics that we are interested in that Ad has no opinion on or desire to learn about or discuss.  As a result, time with Ad tends to be quiet, with us each immersed in our own interests–which unfortunately means, when I am heavily sedated and unable to think clearly enough to focus on anything on my own, I get pretty bored. At least with W, even if I am not up to conversing, he’ll talk to me about what he’s reading or looking at or thinking about, so that’s something.

Also, I have missed the fuck out of him this past month and a half.

I am actually looking forward to Monday and Tuesday, when I am on enforced PTO from work, and Ad has to work all day, because that will be the first time W and I will have and extended period of time to ourselves. We have had surprisingly little time just with each other, even though he’s been here since Thursday night, since the kids have been home for Christmas vacation and Ad has been off more than he’s been at work. It’s actually been kind of fun, like we’re one big poly family, a dream I used to have a long time ago, when I was married before, but have of course let die.

So now here it is Tuesday.  I am in bed typing this, because, well, that’s pretty much where I’ve been stuck for the past week, barring trips to the bathroom, and a couple evenings in the front room, and two trips all the way upstairs (!) to a) test out the extent of my endurance and b) coach W in the preparation of food. Tomorrow I go to the doctor to get fluid drains removed (blech, that’s a little TMI, isn’t it?) but that is an important step to me, because until then I will not feel that my body is my own, and I am constantly aware of and having to be careful of the medical devices, so I am hindered not only by my physical capabilities but also mental hindrances (ie feeling like a medical object/body, not me.)

So, tomorrow, wouldja mind hurrying up and getting here already?

I don’t really have any other news than that to report, well, actually I have kink/sex stuff to talk about, but you’ll have to read about that over on PoJ.

What? Did you think I could go a whole week with W here, and both my guys in the same bed as me, and not have sex/kink to talk about, even if I am laid up from surgery??

Oh, and I should have a Truth post coming soon as well. Stay tuned!


2 Responses to On the Mend

  1. mlleaurore says:

    I have been a bad blogger so I’m late with this comment. I’m sorry to hear you had surgery but I hope you are on the mend and being well taken care of!

  2. Mira says:

    The longest I was ever laid up was just a few days and it drove me insane.
    I can only imagine.
    Hope you get back and going soon.
    Your very lucky to have all the caring help.

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