Truth: Day 18 – Marriage

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. ~ Bible, John 8:32

Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

It’s amazing what a difference a good pair of warm, fuzzy boots, rather than athletic shoes, makes.  My feet were warm on the drive in to work this morning for the first time since the weather has turned bitter. To stick with the bible theme above: hallelujah!

Also, I love this blog: The Hot Word Blog. Today it has a post about the meaning of the words for the zodiac signs, by way of the “news” that was all over the internets yesterday that your zodiac sign may have changed.  ABC news and astrologers like Susan Miller (@astrologyzone) are saying this is old news–about 3,000 years old, since it’s been predicted since then–but it’s been an interesting story to follow.

(With the “new dates,” by the way, I am exactly on the cusp of Leo and Virgo (previously I was a Virgo.)  It might be interesting to see what that “change” might mean, but regardless, I’ve always wanted to be able to say I’m “on the cusp”! ;-)  Oh, and W, I think you’re an Aquarius, now!)

And, as yet another aside, I adore my daughter. Have I said that recently? She and her friend came in to my office today. They have always volunteered at the fundraising event I manage the volunteers for each year, but always before it was because their high school required x number of volunteer hours.  I was immeasurably pleased when she came to talk to me the other night about continuing to volunteer, and also some ideas she had to bring in additional volunteers and help generate teams.  They were all creative ideas and she wanted to help implement them.  I am so impressed with her initiative and enthusiasm.  Anyway, today she and her cohort-in-volunteering came in to talk to the event manager about these ideas, and I bought us sandwiches and we sat around and talked, or I worked while they chattered away, until, for some reason, I started talking about who I follow on my work Twitter, and Stephen Hawking’s name came up, and then we all sat there talking about him and physics and ALS and  intelligence and space aliens (not sure where the space aliens came in.)  See why I love my girl(s)?

All right, down to brass tacks, as my dad used to say. The topic of today’s Truth is gay marriage. My answer is simple: if two persons of the same sex wish to marry, then they should be allowed to. So should three persons. Or four. Of any sexual orientation. The right to marry, since it is a governmentally-sanctioned institution, should not be rooted in religious beliefs. Personally, I think marriage as a religious rite should be separated from civil unions entirely. Then, if a certain religion doesn’t want to approve of gay marriage, more power to them. But a state-sanctioned institution should not discriminate based on religious beliefs (which I think most of the arguments against gay marriage stem from.)

Actually, the whole marriage industry/mysticism/fascination bemuses, amazes and, at times, shocks me. I understand the legal reasons behind civil unions.  That makes sense to me (tho preferential treatment to married persons over singles enrages me.) But this whole thing of spending thousands of dollars on one day, of all the misguided anticipation and consumerism that goes into it, just repels me.

Okay, back to your normally scheduled Friday evening activities!


2 Responses to Truth: Day 18 – Marriage

  1. Inferno says:

    I spent many thousands on my wedding and it was well worth it.
    No different than spending money on anything else that isn’t 100% necessary for the sake of joy.
    I’ve blown money on all kinds of events over my life and in the end forgotten a majority of them.
    The wedding I wont forget.
    Money well spent and if I had spent it on a new suv or something I would have gotten more use for sure… but not the great memories.

  2. piecesofjade says:

    If it was worth it to you, then it was worth it. Pretty simple. And wonderful. I just hate that what I see and hear more often seems to be the opposite–people hassled and harassed by it all, people feeling forced to do it a certain way because someone else says that’s the way it should be or to prove something, and very little real joy in it for anyone. But maybe I am only seeing one side of it, or even projecting my own ambivalent feelings onto it.

    Thanks for a different perspective.

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