Busy hands a whiney mind do not make

Or something like that.

Rather than sitting around being a cunty whine-baby, I got up and did some stuff.

  • Made another cup of coffee
  • Put wash in the washer and dryer
  • Folded some sweaters and put them on one of my NEW shelves in my NEW gigantic walk-in closet that Ad built for me ( I know, I got it rough. I go away to my other lover’s house for three days and come back to a walk-in closet. How awesome is that? Don’t worry, I gave him extra good head as a thank you this morning.)
  • Brushed my teeth (I know, I should have when I first woke up, but whatever.)
  • Gave myself an orgasm
  • Opted out of the dozen or so lists/sites that send me email daily (including Travelzoo, Travelocity, BookingBuddy, cruise.com, Kayak, Hotwire and L’Occitane! I haz a sad, but it had to be done.)
  • Read a couple chapters on my fabu new eReader that I love love love!
  • Set up hosting for my new personal domain for Pieces of Jade (woot!)
  • Did some work (real work, like what I get paid for, right?)
  • Took some pics of my puppy in the snow!!! (No, he’s not a puppy, but just like my taller-than-me son will always be my baby, Coop will always be my pup.)

Here he is back inside, on his Pasha bed.  I think he, too, prefers to be warm and cozy inside.


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