Sometimes, I hate having to make the choice about which house to be at/which partner to be with.  Like last night. I wanted them both. Being in bed, snuggling up with Ad was lovely, but I really wanted W here too. Emails back and forth just didn’t cut it.

I should have been happy with that, since I’d spent the previous day/night at W’s, but…not so much. It isn’t an unhappiness at being with Ad, just a…longing to have them both with me. Like normal couples, you know?

Other times, it is really good to have one and then the other to talk to. Ad really helped me organize my thoughts/ put myself into right thinking on something I had been struggling with.  I was then able to take that clearheadedness over to W’s and discuss it with him. Both talks were wonderful, and I made real break-thrus in each, but I don’t think one could have happened without the other. So that’s when it’s good to have them separate.

And of course, sometimes I just like to be with one and not the other.

But sometimes I wish that it was the separate time that was the option, and not the together time.

Wisdom from the mouth of babes:

Upon seeing the empty shelving space for shoes in my new closet (Ad made lots of extra room), the Boychild said, “Mom, you need to buy more shoes to fill up your shelves.” The ever-practical Missy said, “I can see one problem with this fantastic new closet, Mom. You’ll want to buy more shoes to fill all that space.”

I’m going to walk a bit today again. It’s been 1 week + 1 day since the last time. I made it five blocks then before I had to stop. Going to go slow and try for a 1/2 mile today, as I have been getting stronger every day in the past week.  We even did a (not-aggressive, but still mildly stressful) rope scene yesterday. I was wiped out after, but not miserably so, and actually liked the feeling of having done something physical. So I think I am up for a walk.

Also, grocery shopping. Realized how little protein & veges I get daily by seeing W’s diet that was supplied by the nutritionist. Yes, I am thin, but if I want lean muscle, I need more protein. So working on that.

Just got back from running around.  Walked a mile.  Slowly, but with only a bit of fatigue or discomfort. I tried to do some arms, but still found that too strenuous on the abdomen. You wouldn’t think that you use your abs to lift your arms, but you do, even with a machine that isolates them. Oh well.  New plan: walk 1 – 1.5 miles daily this week, working slowly on my endurance. Next weekend, try arms again.

Got a lot of organizing in the new closet done, made dinner with the Missy and then prepped lentil soup for the slow cooker for tomorrow’s dinner. Also made Ad’s and my lunches for tomorrow and prepped him on what to eat for breakfast/snacks. I hate having to nag him to change his eating habits, but it’s got to be done. If I just do it for him (prepare meals, watch his portions, tell him to meet me at the gym) maybe he’ll do it.  I don’t know.  But I do know that he won’t be happy with himself on the cruise if he doesn’t feel better about himself physically.

I’m trying to crochet a bikini for the cruise. The first pattern I tried I didn’t understand the instructions, so we’re on to number 2. I’m kind of excited about making it. It calls for a lining, but since it’s a swinger cruise, clothing-optional in the pool area, I’m planning to leave it unlined, so it’ll be a peek-a-boo bikini! It was W’s idea-I hope I can figure out how to make it and that he’ll be there to see it. :-)

Oh and ha–I have been asked twice now, once by coworkers, once by kids, where the cruise is going. And guess what?  A) I can’t remember (we are going on it for the swinger/kinky fun, not the ports), and B) I don’t want either of them looking it up and seeing that it’s a “Lifestyle Takeover” cruise! lol  So I have to look for another cruise of the same length to fib about being on.  And oh no…when I start fibbing…bad stuff happens. I am SUCH a poor liar!

Okay, that’s all I got for now.


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