Truth – Day 19: Politics & Religion

When people are about to die, they usually tell the truth.

Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I’ve been avoiding answering this because I just don’t have much interest in either topic. Which I guess is my answer to both questions.  Personally, I am an irreligious, agnostic, left-leaning liberal. Other than that, I don’t much care for either topic.

So I’ve been working from home since Monday afternoon.  Working from W’s, to be more exact. I think Ad’s ready for me to come home, but I have no desire to get out and scrape the inch of ice off my car.  So, here I am for the foreseeable future. lol

From a health perspective I am doing very well.  Healing from the surgery and feeling almost back to my old self. Rings are healing nicely as well.  Not having to sit on them for 8 hours a day and being able to take salt baths a couple times a day sure helps. They are still uncomfortable, and painful at times, but even peeing isn’t the misery it was at first, which is a good sign that they are well on the road to healed.

Now I just gotta get W to let me unseal the other three holes and I’ll be back to being me!

And that’s really all I got tonight.  Pretty boring, huh?


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