And tonight…I shop

It has been a grueling 4 days. Between Wednesday and Thursday I worked about more than 20 hours. Then I found out this morning that all the work I put into one of the projects I had thought completed has to be redone in another format, one that is untried and untested–and this is for an event with 20,000+ participants that grosses almost $400k. JESUS.

So…this weekend that is what I will be doing.   And I have absolutely no idea if will work.


So, tonight I shop.

New shoes? New make-up? How about bath & body products? Something sexy for tomorrow night??  Because that’s another thing I’ll be doing this weekend, if I can take some time out: going to a swinger party with W. Our first together as a couple. I’m kind of excited.  It looks a lot bigger and…more “swinger-party-ish” than the get-together I went to awhile back with W’s friends. They’ll be there too again, and they even got a hotel room.  Apparently an additional component to these parties are the hotel room parties afterward. I don’t think we’ll be partaking of any of that (especially as it appears I’ll still be ringed shut!) but at least we’ll be able to go check it out.

Speaking of rings. I am SOOOOO sick of being closed up! W still thinks it’s hot (which is why they are still closed!), but I’m rapidly becoming immune to them.  It’s only when he reminds me of them, of what he finds hot about them, or does perverted things with them, like using them in a torture scene like he did the other day or trying to fuck me through them the other day, that I remember and go–yummm! Other times, as now, they are an irritant. Well, the new rings are irritated and sore, the closed ones are just there, a mental irritation and knowledge that I can’t really just touch that part of my body, or have it touched. I guess someone else could touch them…hmmm…that might feel good…but, alas no one is or has. So. (pout)

In other news…

I have no other news to speak of. I’m just…tired and a bit stressed out about work and…tired. Which probably means I won’t actually be shopping tonight.  But it was a nice thought.


2 Responses to And tonight…I shop

  1. Rockasally says:

    SHOES!!!! Shoes will always make you feel better. has some fun ones.

    Hope W lets you get the chastity belt removed soon. That’s probably not helping with your stress levels.

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