New shoes, new shoes, new shoes!

Did I mention new shoes?

These are coming on Thursday:

And these sometime after:

I am, apparently, on a red-and-black kick.  I am also incorrigibly, whole-heartedly, addicted to shoes.

Shoe porn. Yumm.

My favorite part was that I had Fetlifed about loving the top pair, and really, really wanted them, but I knew they weren’t W’s type, so I hesitated. I thought about asking him what he thought of them, but, again, I really really wanted them, and I was afraid if he was neutral or even dismissive of them, I wouldn’t buy them. Even in my shoe porn I want to please him!  So I didn’t ask, but I didn’t buy them. And meanwhile, I keep perusing the billion+ shoe websites I have bookmarked. I have been looking for a black pair with a red sole for a while, but haven’t found just the right pair.

Low and behold, I found the exact pair (the second one up there) that started me on the black-and-red kick in the first place. So what could I do? I knew W’s would like them.  I like them.  So I ordered them.

And not ten minutes later I get the sweetest email from him:

Just caught up with last night’s shoe shopping spree. Lots of fun!
I’m not saying buy them, but these (the top pair) actually do suit you.

And when I replied back, telling him about my hesitancy, he replied:

I didn’t want to be overly enthusiastic because I’m enough of an enabler as it is, but they definitely suit your personality, and I think I can manage to get an erection tying you up in them in some sort of sporty chic girl scenario.

Yumm. Shoes, rope and erections.  And a guy that really gets me. Can life get any better?

Now I just need to get him to give me pictures of the other two pairs I bought recently.

Did I mention I have a slight shoe addiction?



2 Responses to New shoes, new shoes, new shoes!

  1. Inferno says:

    Both pairs are hot in different ways.
    I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite from the two.

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