Just the way things are

I’ve been a crappy blogger lately.  I admit it. I’ve been busy as hell with work, but I feel like it’s more than that. I just don’t feel the impetus to write here lately. I feel like…I have nothing to say, except the daily, hum-drum things that no one really wants to hear about.  Life is…going along at it’s usual pace. Happening just as it always does, nothing really to remark on. I spend time with Ad, I spend time with W, I spend time at work and with my kids.  We do normal things: eat, drink, hang out, work, talk, play, have sex, snuggle, sleep.  We deal with the issues that come up in anyone’s life: work, school, family, sex, relationships, fears, joys, time management, bills, the future, the past, hopes, dreams, disappointments, regrets.

Yes, we have this odd arrangement, this unusual relationship structure, but to us, it’s just life. It’s not odd. It’s not even actually unusual, anymore. It just…is.

And yet, occasionally, I am reminded of how very different it really is.  And then I have to pause, and I think, “I should write about that, should write about how we managed to negotiate that, how we managed to get to this place where it really is ‘just life’.”  Because it is.  It’s just the way things are.

But then I sit down here and I am just…uninspired. What is there to actually say?

Life’s good.  Maybe even…boring. Well okay, not boring.  Never that.  But…mundane. In the best sense of the word. We’re just us. Living our life.

Move along, nothing to see here, right?

Except yeah, I guess, in the grand scheme of things, there might be things to talk about.

I’ve been noodling quite a bit about a friend’s question about the way I differentiate my relationships: I call mine with Ad “poly” and mine with W an “open relationship.”  What does it mean that I use those specifics labels?

And after reading and participating in a discussion in a poly group, I’ve been musing on the meaning, and application of, hierarchies in my relationships.

And maybe the “mundane” details of what goes on day-to-day in my life, being the chronicles of a non-traditional lifestyle, would not be so boring to others as I suppose (according to a friend that reads this space occasionally.)

So I don’t know. Maybe there is more to say.  Maybe I am just too damn tired to say it just now.


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