Plans, plans and more plans…

I’ve got so many things I need to remember, so many things I gotta do, that I think I better start writing them down…

This weekend

  1. Cruise docs
  2. Profile?
  3. “Couples Cards”?
  4. Look over W’s clothes
  5. Shopping w/W?
  6. CS5 books?
  7. New playlist on iPod
  8. ‘s addresses/keys/instructions for house-sitting
  9. Party store: Mardis Gras stuff & Stairclimb stuff
  10. Enough “must do” things for work so I can take Monday off?
  11. And, according to W’s email, “bondage/fuckmeat/torment/objectification/display/planning”

This month:

  1. Short story submission
  2. W daily tasks
  3. Crochet bikini
  4. The “List” daily update
  5. Order book
  6. Keep up with running
  7. Yoga and/or stretching

And now I am making other plans. Dates. Naughty pictures in public. Things to do to entertain W while he’s gone. (Shhh! It’s a secret!) I actually did have THREE dates lined up the week that W departs. But I stupidly forgot that my Saturday is filled with the big event that I manage the volunteers for. So I won’t be in any shape to go out that night. :-(  I am REALLY looking forward to my date with Lawyer Guy on Wednesday though–I am glad it wasn’t that one I had to cancel! And on Thursday day I have a lunch date with a new guy. And just now I have been planning…naughtiness…with a guy that I have played with a bit before.  I can’t wait!! Fun fun fun til my daddy takes the t-bird away, right?



One Response to Plans, plans and more plans…

  1. Inferno says:

    3.Crochet bikini = hope you post a picture.
    My wife crochets, but has never made a bikini I think.

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