Keeping on Task

I’ve had a lazy, enjoyable weekend.  Had a date on Friday night and didn’t get home til past 2am (had yummy post-date sex with Ad), then slept in til 10am (had more sex) and lounged about for a good portion of Saturday, before we decided to go shopping and out for dinner.  Had fun shopping with Ad (really, if you don’t have a boyfriend that will shop with you like Ad, you are missing out.) Got a sexy dress for one of the nights on the cruise, and another just because Ad said, “Oh–that one. YES.” (See what I mean about shopping with him?)

Anyway…today was another lazy day. Thought about finishing up with the shopping (almost there!) but decided…eh, screw it. I wanna stay in bed ALL DAY.

So we did.

I got some stuff done, though:

  • Updated “The List” w/three more
  • Worked on crochet bikini
  • 30 Days Truth – Finished the series. You’ll see them posted here throughout the week.
  • Got the guys to decide on our Belize excursion and made reservations–doing a river cruise/Mayan ruins tour!
  • Added pics and info to our swinger profile on c4p
  • Updated PoJ with details about Task 15 – Public O – Car

So…it’s been a productive weekend in so many ways…hooray for me, right?


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