The Library Go-Round

Trying to accomplish figuring out how to check out books on my eReader (see next-last-items on my Personal Task List)

Step 1: Google “How to add library books to my Kobo?” First on list: “A Noobs Guide to Borrowing E-Library Books
Result: Score! CHECK

Step 2: Follow instructions to set up Adobe Digital Edition
Result: Easy-peasy. CHECK

Step 3: Attach & detect/authorize Kobo
Result: No problem. CHECK

Step 4: Access local library, search for and check out books
Result: FAIL

Yeah, that was a BIG FAT FAIL.

First I had to find my library card…………………



Oh, oh, yeah, here it is, in my underwear drawer in my dresser. Why there, you might ask? I might ask too, if I didn’t know myself so well.  The answer would be because, at some point in the distant past, that seemed like a Darn Good Place for a library card to be stored.  A better question might be, “Just how did you know to look in that dresser drawer?” Answer: I have no frikkin idea. It just seemed like a logical (that would be Jade-logic) place to look.

Oh, and I needed panties to go upstairs and get food. Searching is hard work, yanno. Gotta get properly nourished.

Okay. Logged in–after going through five steps to get a PIN number, which requirement they recently instituted.  But yay, now I get to look up books, right?

Yeeeaaahhhh…nice try.  I have to CALL the library to find out how to search for books in electronic format. You’d think they’d just have a  heading, “Electronic Books” or some such, and then a link to the catalogue…  But no. It’s buried under like four or five steps that you wouldn’t begin to know to search under on your own. Library lady IS very helpful and even admits that it is not easy to find nor intuitive: “But we are doing an entire site revision in July!” she informs me cheerfully. That’s great.  Meantime? How about a link that says, “e-Reader Books” with steps?

Anyway, okay, I know how to do it now.

So I do a search and find a book. OMG I’m in heaven! Soon I will have a new book to read. For FREE! And it only took me…oh, an hour to figure out.  But it is TIME WELL SPENT.


Oh shit……

I knew I had one, but…seriously?????????????

I have $41 in overdue book fines.

Did I mention that I am the library’s best customer? No seriously, when I worked at the library, we loved our never-bring-their-books-back-on-time customers. We loved them to the tune of about a million dollars added revenue for the library district a year.

BUT…this means I can’t check out books until I pay it.

Okay, I’ll just enter my credit card number.  Except there is no place to do it.  Apparently they don’t accept payments online.

Sigh.  Another phone call. “I need to pay my fine…”

She looks up my account.  “Oh,” she says. And then pauses. “Oh no…you’ll have to come in to pay that. YOUR LIBRARY CARD IS EXPIRED.” This said with a tone of censure and disappointment.  How could I have done something so unforgivable! her tone seems to say.

Now I feel shame. I let my library card expire????!??  Bad, bad book-lover Jade. Cardinal sin, truly.

So okay, I have to go to the library and admit my shame in person.

At least I know that I can check out eBooks though, once I pay my fine.

But then I get to thinking…I could buy the damn book online for a quarter of my fine…

Have I mentioned recently that I suck?


One Response to The Library Go-Round

  1. Jess says:

    I would be hit with lots of fines to that’s why I just buy books. I have Borders rewards which sends me a coupon once or twice a week. The good ones are %40 off. Other than that I buy off Amazon or the Book store Bargain rack.


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