More Accountability

Yeah yeah, I am all about keeping on task lately. Except when I am working like a demon.  Anyway…just to keep myself honest…an accounting of myself…

My original list:

  • Keep up with the “Couch to 5K in 8 weeks” running program – Didn’t run at ALL this week. :-(  Had been at it for 3 (?) weeks and repeated one…gonna start week three again. (sigh)
  • Start a 3x per week yoga or stretching regimen – NOT.  Just NOT. Need to take this off the list.  Except…hell…there’s ALWAYS now, isn’t there.
  • NO FAST FOOD – I have only fallen off the wagon ONCE! I am fast-food free for three weeks now! But now I have to add another goal to my list–eat RIGHT the last two weeks before the cruise.
  • Look at possible ring configurations for the cruise, coordinate with them re: them to see if I need additional rings – Not done yet. Plan to do so with W…?
  • Update “The List” –  Had planned to do it daily…I am still at 8/30 I think. Maybe will do 5 or so tomorrow.
  • Finish crochet bikini Version FIVE on the cups is a winner. So–1 cup done.
  • Create cruise/trip itinerary – Eek! Forgot about this!
  • 30 Days Truth – Complete!
  • Find Belize excursion – Done and signed up & paid for! Woot!
  • Couples cards – Oops–forgot about those
  • Swinger profiles – One up, working on another and doing some networking
  • Organize blog drafts – Ha!
  • Order blue hemp – Ordered & paid for, need to pick u
  • Figure out how to add books from library to my eReader, add books – Done! Sooo cool!  And, um, got around the $41 library fine.  A funny story…
  • Figure out suitcase situation – Need to look at it with W, but found another soft-sided case

Alrighty, then…I am off to shower and get ready to go out…gotta stop by W’s & run a certain errand…


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