I have many happinesses today:

  • I asked for “a” Splenda for my coffee at Micky D’s this AM. The girl gave me TWELVE.
  • Someone that has been an annoyance at my workplace for the past 3 years is quitting.
  • My organization just announced we will NOT be having a face-to-face staff conference this year. While I think the concept is great, and the last one was highly beneficial, they always always always plan it over my son’s birthday.  So then I feel guilty for co-opting extra time at the beginning or end of it to play, hike, sight-see, get laid, have a kinky rendezvous, whatever.
  • I have hot shoes on.  And ones that W hasn’t seen yet!
  • It’s almost Cinco de Mayo! (I just like margaritas and Mexican food, so this makes a great excuse to have some.)
  • Another workmate totally made my day by going above and beyond the action required.
  • I made a deposit on the November 2012 Lifestyle Takeover Cruise!! 7 days, 4000 sexy swingers, me and my guys. OH YEAH.
  • I have been a posting demon on Fet and our swinger groups and lifestyle discussion boards with sexy new pics of me and the guys.  And getting lots of comments (no, I’m not an attention-whore, why?)
  • We’re getting back to our routine!!!!!!
  • Irish Cream creamer for my coffee.
  • A beautiful, sunny day outside.
  • A Top that I have played with before has a hot idea for another get-together.
  • Been in contact with my two ‘nilla-(ish) boys and am making plans to catch up with them live soon.
  • Work from Home Day is tomorrow, at W’s.
  • Play party Saturday night with W.
  • Date night Friday with Ad.

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