Mother’s Day

This is how I spent my Mother’s Day.

After an early breakfast, in the park with the kids…

And after a nap in the park, time getting to know my new Kindle–in a special cover that The Missy got for it, so I (hopefully) won’t leave it behind like I did my Kobo on the trip.

And then, after yet another nap (my late, drunken night of debauchery the night before necessitated many naps today) Ad and I walked the Cooper-dog up to the store to get ingredients for his (Ad’s, not Cooper’s) awesome chili.  And chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

A perfect Mother’s Day!

Here’s hoping that all of you out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day too!


2 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. piecesofjade says:

    Thanks so much Kara! Funny story about The Missy’s shoes: she just broke up with her boyfriend of over a year. Her *shorter-than-she-is* boyfriend, who never liked her choice of shoes-if they had a heel (tho he always swore that wasn’t the reason he didn’t like them.) She started buying shoes with heels shortly before they broke up. “I like ’em, Momma!” she said, “I don’t care if he does or not!” and I supported her entirely (of course.) She’s become quite the lover of high heels-and short skirts!-in a very short time. lol

  2. Miranda says:

    Great pictures and what a lovely day it sounds like you had. I also got a mid day nap and was able to enjoy a rare and sunny day involving a park, so fully appreciate that you did. lol.

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