Cruise Wrap-Up, Days 1-3

I decided to put my cruise wrap-up and pics over here because this will mostly just be a day-by-day review/recollection, sans most of the sexy stuff (but which I’ll still post those in bits and pieces over on Pieces of Jade, never fear.) ;-)

Days 1 – 3

Day 1 – Saturday Morning

We’re off!

R, procurer of the Mega-Van and our primary driver on the way down.

The rest of us are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as well…

Navigator Ad.

AFTER we get our coffee.

Coffee is good! W, Star & Mj.

(We wanted to leave at 7am…made it to the van by then but had to stop at Starbucks and make a return trip to the house for something forgotten…but we made it on the road by 8am! Not bad for a bunch of non-morning people.)

A couple of stops along the way…

The Girls

The Boys

We had to make a stop for essential electronics...and a purple unicorn.

Arrival in Tampa–at last!

Hey! No one looks good at 3AM!

  Day 2 – Shopping & Lunching in Tampa

Lunch on the Pier

In between Day 2 and Day 3 (Embarkation Day) there was a wild party at the hotel pool in which I, and several other women, “lost” our bikini tops. There was also a dance party late that night, in which i did a whole lot of dirty dancing with my guys. Sadly, no photographic evidence of such exists.

Day 3 – Embarkation Day!

At the pier. A little bit of luggage. ;-)

Love my new hat!

 (PS-Watch Pieces of Jade on Wednesday for a different view of Embarkation Day.)

Shipboard at last, by the pool, drinks in hand. Woot!

On our way...

Damn my Boys are cute.

All of us. :-)

Oh happy day!

 More to come…watch this space!


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