Miscellaney on a Tuesday

I got in to work and found the phones and internet down, so I’m here at Bread Co. pretending to work working hard. Thought about heading over to W’s, but I’m fairly certain he’d still be asleep, and though I have a key, I still feel a little uncomfortable letting myself in without his pre-knowledge.  He always says it’s okay, but, you know, I wasn’t raised that way. Kinda like people that just “drop by” without calling first: not good manners.

On the other hand, I’d be able to get into Pieces of Jade and Fetlife if I was at his house, which domains Bread Co. blocks.  But hey, I’m supposed to be working, right?

There’s a guy hunched over the table across from me, an array of wordfind puzzle books scattered around him.  He is scowling fiercely, clearly very serious about his hobby. Interesting to me is that he isn’t even pretending to be a patron–he doesn’t even have a black coffee.  And behind me is a table of bible thumpers. Their entire conversation for the past hour has been about God and popes and sin and scripture. Maybe not being able to access Fetlife is a good thing.

I finally got some sleep last night. Drug-induced, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen otherwise. I did only take one pill though, not the two I could have. Taking two produces a coma-like sleep, without dreams, and leaves me feeling as though I’ve “lost time” somehow, a feeling I despise (and thus why I fight so hard against taking sleep meds, until, like yesterday, it becomes imperative to get some solid sleep.)  It was the right decision though. This morning I was able to pop awake (ok maybe not “pop” but something akin to it) at 5am so I could get to the gym by 6am for a class.  The class said it was a Step class, which I’m not wild about (too uncoordinated to do all the fancy step moves) but I am determined to get moving again. It’s been since the week before the cruise that I’ve done anything. In a stroke of luck, though, the class was actually a mix of cardio and weights. We used the step sometimes, but only for basic moves, the rest of the time was were doing various kick-boxing moves, and the weights part was grueling. I cannot believe how quickly I get out of shape. I could barely keep up.

And I loved it. Sweat dripping down my back, muscles screaming, it felt so good.  I definitely feel it in my calves, inner thighs and biceps now.  So I’ve scheduled a massage for this evening. ;-)

Mmm, carmel lattes are my fave.

But now, damn, internet is back up at the office.  Hi ho hi ho, off to work I go…


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