Cruise Wrap-Up, Days 4-5

So where did I leave off, all those days ago? (I can’t believe the last time I posted here was, sheesh, June?  Seriously??  I’d apologize for being so lame, but, hell, that’s my life. Sometimes I am living too much to write about it.)

Anyhoo…there we were at Lamanai. (In case you forgot.)  And then…we were back on the ship.

And…hell, lots of things happened. But I can’t remember all of them now, because I was a bad blogger and I didn’t take notes.  (Sigh.)  I’d like to say I’ll do better, but honestly, I don’t know if I will. So I can’t promise. Instead I’ll just post some pics from the trip, with a few notes here and there, and we’ll call it a day.

Cruise Day 4

That night was the only night we ended up on deck, oddly enough. It's windy out there, tho, so maybe that makes sense.

Ad and I on the cruise

We played like a regular couple...

Bite on the cruise

Except I was a couple with two men. :-)

Tying on the cruise

Of course we had to play a *little*...

And maybe just a tiny bit more.

There were other ways to play, too. They wouldn't let me go up naked though.

The next day was a day at sea, and we hung out on the pool deck, naked, for most of the day. Not a bad way to spend a day. But I had to put clothes back on to climb the rock wall.

So did Ad.

Ad at the top.

Me ringing the bell.

Woot!  I'm so freakin awesome!

Woot! I'm so freakin awesome!

I was pretty happy.

But now, seriously? Let me outta these clothes!

We also played other ways.

And played like pirates on Pirate Night.

The last night was Blue Night. The red dress was Ad's present to me at Christmas just for this cruise. And oh, yeah, the decor very much reflected the whole atmosphere of the cruise!

One last time to be "dancing girl" before we returned to "real life."

And finally--on the way home. We were sad, but we'd had a marvelous time!


2 Responses to Cruise Wrap-Up, Days 4-5

  1. Richie says:

    Wow! Hot stuff. My first time to your blog but it won’t be my last. I’m in the adult business so I know good content when I see it. Keep up the good work, I’ll be visiting more often.

  2. […] we did on that cruise in my other blog, A Poly Life: Days 1-3; Days 1-3 Part 1; Days 1-3 Part 2; Days 4-5.  Oh wait, there’s a bit of kink in there, too! I just realized that. LOL  You may have to […]

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