Goodwill is my friend…

…or at least one of my very favorite stores.

W says, “I want you to look slutty even during casual times,” in reference to a trip we are taking next weekend to the wilds of WI. Umm…okaaay…”slutty casual.” What does that even mean?  I think, okay, maybe, Daisy Duke’s? Like that?  Of course at present, I don’t even have ONE PAIR of shorts that fit. And if I did, they wouldn’t come close to qualifying as slutty. More like…schlumpy hiking. So, uh, yeah. Got that slutty casual right here.shortskirt2

So, off to Goodwill I go.  Because not only do I need to wear slutty casual, but I need to not be worried about damaging or getting these casually slutty clothes dirty. We’ll be in the woods, after all.  Uh-huh.  But lo and behold, what do I find? A whole RACK of denim skirts so short they barely cover my ass!  Aha! That’s what he means by slutty casual! And at $3 each, they can get dirty, torn, cut-up, whatever, and I don’t care. Woot!

And now, the fun part is that I get to go home and model my old/new casual slutwear for the SO.

Oh, text message from this AM:

Me: So I bought this book called “The Butt Book” today. I’m gonna get me a nice round ass.

SO: Cool.  I can get behind that!

Heh.  Maybe I can get him to get “behind that” tonight, after I strut around for him. I love how everything just fits in my life.


One Response to Goodwill is my friend…

  1. […] my black bra just visible beneath it, my high strappy black sandals and my bare legs. And after shopping yesterday for “slutty casual” wear, I think I can own the title with pride. Several too-short […]

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